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Field Labeling

Field Labeling Services

Article 90.7 of NFPA 70, The National Electrical Code, requires any equipment that has not been listed or labeled to be subjected to a field inspection. In some of locations in the U.S. the electrical inspection authority requires these inspections to be performed by an approved third party and a field label must be affixed to the equipment. Some common United States standards used during the evaluation process are:

● NFPA 79, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
● NFPA 70, National Electrical Code
● UL 508, Standard for Safety for Industrial Control Equipment
● UL 508A, Standard for Safety for Industrial Control

Electrical Equipment Field Evaluation Methodology

Typically, field evaluation projects are performed in three phases, however the project cycle can be reduced if equipment is found to conform to the requirements of the applicable standards, or in the case of repeat evaluations, only the final phase (testing and verification) is required.

Phase 1: Preliminary Evaluation

During the first phase, we review the equipment drawings and parts list and prepare an initial assessment report. The design requirements of the applicable standards are the focus of this evaluation.

Phase 2: Intermediate Evaluation

During the second phase, we perform a visual inspection of the equipment while it is under construction and prepare a comprehensive intermediate evaluation report. In addition to the design requirements of the applicable standards, the construction requirements are also assessed.

Phase 3: Final Evaluation

Phase 3 of the project includes the final equipment testing and inspections. If the equipment conforms to the applicable standards, a field evaluation label is affixed to the machine and a final report is issued. In many cases, the equipment can be labeled at the factory prior to shipment.
Our process is designed to minimize modifications in the construction phase, which add to the overall equipment cost and can cause shipment delays.

Electrical Equipment Field Evaluation Methodology

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