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SEMI F47 Evaluation and Testing Services

SEMI F47, Specification for Semiconductor Processing Equipment Voltage Sag Immunity is the semiconductor industry standard for equipment voltage sag immunity. Most major device makers require semiconductor production equipment being installed in their facilities to conform to the requirements of SEMI F47. NSS performs SEMI F47 Testing for machinery or components and if the equipment passes the criteria set forth in SEMI F47 NSS will issue a Certificate of Conformity for the tested equipment. Additionally NSS can provide consulting services to ensure that equipment will conform to the performance requirements of SEMI F47.
Machinery SEMI F47 Testing and Certification
SEMI F47 details the performance requirements for semiconductor production equipment during voltage sags. NSS uses state of the art test equipment to perform tests in accordance with the procedural requirements of SEMI F47. NSS will evaluate equipment performance and if the equipment conforms to the requirements of SEMI F47 a comprehensive test report and Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is issued for the equipment.
In the event the equipment under test does not pass the SEMI F47 test, NSS can provide consulting to determine probable causes of failures and offer suggestions to correct the problems identified.
Component SEMI F47 Testing and Certification
In order to produce equipment conforming to SEMI F47, it is critical that components used within the system conform to the F47 performance requirements. NSS offers independent testing and certification for component manufacturers that supply components to semiconductor production equipment manufacturers. Our services include third party testing, providing a comprehensive test report, and a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This provides assurance that components will meet or exceed the SEMI F47 immunity requirements.

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