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Component Testing

Component Testing

Article 110.2 of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) requires electrical components and products to be approtved. Products that are mass-produced, or components used in machinery should either be Listed or Recognized components.
NSS has a component testing and evaluation program that allows us to provide Listing or Recognition services for a variety of electrical components. In addition, we have a working relationship with a United States National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) that allows us to offer a variety of NRTL related testing and evaluation services.
Through our years of experience, we have gained a thorough understanding of both the technical and practical requirements for selling products to the United States. We can offer our clients several options, which allow our clients to select the most sensible and cost effective test method for the product and its application. When the involvement of a NRTL is required, we can provide services to support these projects ranging from consulting and guidance, testing services in the field or at our laboratory, to complete project management from project initiation through completion.
Component and Equipment Listing

Component and equipment listings are performed on equipment that can operate or function as a stand alone machine or system. The process for component listing is similar to that for Component Recognition projects.

Component Witness Testing

Component witness testing is performed on components or products that are not approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and are specialized components such that a Listing or Recognition is not cost effective. For witness testing projects NSS perform a preliminary design review and inspection of the device under test. Once the preliminary review and inspections are completed, and any non-conformances identified during these inspections are corrected, NSS performs testing of the component or device under test. This testing can be performed at the client’s manufacturing facility, or in our laboratory. If the component or system conforms to the applicable standards and passes all tests, you will receive a comprehensive conformity assessment evaluation report, a letter of compliance for the system, and if necessary a letter of compliance from an appropriate accredited laboratory.

Component Recognition

Component recognitions are performed on components or products that are a sub-system of a machine or larger system.NSS can perform a preliminary assessment of the component and then perform the final product evaluation and testing. The testing can be performed at the client’s manufacturing facility or in some cases in our laboratory. If the component conforms to the applicable standards and passes all tests, the manufacturer can affix the component recognition label to the product.Follow up inspections are performed to ensure the product design and construction methods have not changed.

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